Paper mailer with bubblewrap inside

Lightweight bubble-cushioned mailers with a white Kraft paper exterior, for products which require both rigidity and cushioning.


Available in 6 different sizes:


Jiffy Lite #1 150mm x 225mm (240/ctn)

Jiffy Lite #2 215mm x 280mm (100/ctn)

Jiffy Lite #4 240mm x 340mm (100/ctn)

Jiffy Lite #5 265mm x 380mm (100/ctn)

Jiffy Lite #6 300mm x 405mm (100/ctn)

Jiffy Lite #7 360mm x 480mm (60/ctn)



Jiffy Lite Mailing bags

    • Lightweight bubble cushioned mailer with tough kraft paper exterior

    • Provides rigidity and cushioning using barrier Bubblewrap

    • Smooth inner layer allows for quick and easy insertion of product

    • Self seal closure and easy opening tear strip


    • Fragile items
    • Ideal for books and stationery that require edge and corner protection